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GridOPTICS™ —or the Grid Operation and Planning Technology Integrated Capabilities Suite— is designed to help transform the nation's current electric power system into the grid of the future.

GridOPTICS™ tools convert power grid data into actionable information to make power system operations smarter and better. The tools show and analyze grid performance at an unprecedented speed, scale, and resolution, and inform grid operations and policy decisions. These capabilities also address three “fusions” occurring on today's power system between:

  • grid and data networks
  • transmission and distribution networks
  • operations and planning systems with markets.

The U.S. Department of Energy and other federal agencies, seeing promise in GridOPTICS™, have made investments to support continued development. In some cases, GridOPTICS™ tools already are making an impact on the nation's grid operations via new features and improvements.

Several GridOPTICS™ products are open source and available to all; others can be licensed or commercialized. A key future focus for the tool suite is the advancement of a community of grid-related organizations to steward and foster the use and development of GridOPTICS™ capabilities.

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