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Power grid operators test PNNL software in EIOC

Power grid operators test PNNL software in EIOC

PNNL hosted a dozen power system operators from throughout the Northwest at the Lab's Electricity Infrastructure Operations Center (EIOC) in Richland on Aug. 22 for a blackout restoration simulation.

Bellevue, Wash.-based IncSys ( led the training, which used the company's power grid simulator. As part of the training, trainees also tested out PNNL's data collection software, Common Operating and Response Environment, which is also known as CORE™.

Watch Video from the Operator Training

The software has power operators communicate via an instant text messaging system, which automatically captures their conversations. Power grid operators can use the text transcripts to quickly recall and organize information, enabling them to respond to power outages more efficiently and with greater situational awareness. PNNL initially developed CORE to help emergency responders rapidly understand and respond to fast-changing situations.

The software was recently adapted for power grid operators under PNNL's Future Power Grid Initiative. PNNL is analyzing the text communications to better understand how grid operators think and respond to emergencies, which could help make the systems and tools used in power control centers more intuitive for grid operators.

This was the second time IncSys has partnered with PNNL to host grid operators for a training. Regional operators also tested another PNNL grid operator tool, the Graphical Contingency Analysis tool, when they visited the EIOC in 2010.

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