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Energy Day at PNNL | September 1, 2015 | Richland, Washington

Energy Day is coming September 1, 2015, at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, Washington

Bringing research, industry, government, utilities and academia together to discuss new developments, promising power grid- and energy-related research discoveries, and opportunities for collaboration and commercialization

Sponsored by PNNL's Future Power Grid Initiative, developer of the GridOPTICS™ capability suite.

Who should attend?

National and regional research, industry, government, utility and academic leaders—anyone who has a powerful interest in advancing grid and energy systems, and in partnering with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to commercialize promising technologies. Interested parties can find registration information here.

Event overview

PNNL-developed technologies are delivering impact for the nation. From the VOLTTRON™ tool's grid and buildings applications, to the net interchange schedule forecasting capability that's yielding significant cost savings, PNNL is at the forefront of energy innovations. These innovations also include advances in stochastic forecasting, flow batteries for energy storage, complex energy system controls, efficient modeling tools such as GridPACK™, novel contingency analysis methods and more.

Energy Day@PNNL Event PhotoShared Perspectives, one of the tools in the Future Power Grid Initiative's GridOPTICS™ capabilities suite, was first demonstrated in 2014. Researchers continue to develop and improve the technology, which provides a new approach for sharing information across the grid

Energy Day@PNNL, set for September 1, 2015, at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Wash., will showcase PNNL grid- and energy-related technologies. Anyone who wants to make a difference in future power grid development, help move grid technologies forward and/or and has an interest in the event's various topics/sessions may register and attend.

The schedule includes:
  • Roundtable and panel discussions on topics such as renewables integration, the innovative GridOPTICS™ capability suite, and the future grid
  • A session on how to work with PNNL to license and commercialize technologies
  • Tours and virtual tours of PNNL grid and energy facilities
  • Networking opportunities
  • "Shared Perspectives" grid visualization/collaboration tool demonstration.

For more information, contact: Tamica Dickenson or
or visit the registration information page.

About the Future Power Grid Initiative

FPGI, a PNNL internally-funded, five-year research effort applies distinctive capabilities in power systems, data intensive computing, advanced computing, and visual analytics to deliver next-generation solutions for grid operation and planning. FPGI's core product is GridOPTICS™ – or Grid Operation and Planning Technology Integrated Capabilities Suite. Tools in this suite are designed to securely collect and manage data in real time, use data to drive modeling and simulation, and convert large volumes of data to actionable information.

Workshop Materials

  • Efficient and Secure Energy Management - Carl Imhoff, PNNL
  • Integrating Renewable Energy Sources into the Grid – What's the Solution? – M. Kintner-Meyer, PNNL
  • Dan Souder, 1 Energy Systems
  • Working with PNNL – Peter Christensen, PNNL 
  • Economic Development Support Available from PNNL – Gary Spanner, PNNL 
  • How to Work with PNNL – Jan Slater, PNNL
  • FPGI: A 5-Year Journey to Deliver GridOPTICS™ - Henry Huang, PNNL
  • Control of Complex Systems Initiative – Jakob Stoustrop, PNNL
  • Project Overview (PNW Smart Grid Demo Project) – Ron Melton, PNNL 
  • Tri-Cities Research District – What's Next Starts Here – Diahann Howard, Port of Benton
  • Justin Kasparek, Fuse SPC
  • Adam Brault, &yet
  • PNNL Grid Energy Storage Program – Vincent Sprenkle, PNNL
  • Will Technology Shrink the Grid? - Russ Weed, UniEnergy Technologies
  • Future Power Grid Operations - David Sun, Alstom
  • PJM's Engagement with PNNL and FPGI – Jianzhong Tong, PJM Interconnection
  • Justin Sipe, Transformative Wave

About PNNL

Interdisciplinary teams at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory address many of America's most pressing issues in energy, the environment and national security through advances in basic and applied science. Founded in 1965, PNNL employs approximately 4,300 staff and has an annual budget of more than $1 billion. It is managed by Battelle for the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science.

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