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3rd Workshop on Challenges in Next-Generation Analytics for the Future Power Grid

4th Workshop on Next-Generation Analytics
for the Future Power Grid

Richland, Washington

September 2-3, 2015

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3rd Workshop on Next-Generation Analytics for the Future Power Grid, July 2014

Researchers developing new analytic methods and models for the future power grid are increasingly looking to advanced sensing and computing technologies to enable higher resolution simulations and faster solutions for operation and planning. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) believes that this research—funded in large part by federal agencies—can be more productive and impactful if efforts are guided and coordinated by an accepted, grid-specific development architecture that includes a data and software structure, open-source libraries and visualization frameworks to translate data into actionable information. This is consistent with a desire on the part of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to see more coordination across the community of laboratories, universities, vendors, and utilities to increase the benefit of federal funds invested in research and development.

PNNL and other national laboratories and universities are creating elements of new software to support next-generation power delivery systems. Often, these developments are pursued in isolation and are not well positioned to demonstrate the impact and value which will eventually be delivered. PNNL's Future Power Grid Initiative (https://gridoptics.org) is hosting the 4th Workshop on Next-Generation Analytics for the Future Power Grid, September 2 and 3, at PNNL in Richland, Wash. The workshop is designed to foster community and accelerate deployment of new solutions, and take additional steps toward forming a consortium that will further advance these objectives in the coming years. All who are developing or using, or are interested in development or use of shared-source software for the grid, are invited to participate.

Expected workshop outcomes:

  • Continue building the community for power grid analytics including data, computing, and visualization
  • Disseminate latest development on data, computing, and visualization for power grid applications
  • Engage industry stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of new analytical technologies

Previous workshops have identified the challenges facing grid analytics development (2012 workshop), framed the vision for future solutions (2013 workshop) and developed use cases (2014 workshop), setting the stage for this year’s meeting and outcomes.

Workshop organizing committee:

  • Henry Huang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (chair)
  • Mihai Anitescu, Argonne National Laboratory
  • John Grosh, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Tom King, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Ben Kroposki, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Jean-Paul Watson, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Jonathan Woodring, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Who Should Attend

  • Researchers (National Labs, Universities, etc.): The workshop will provide opportunities to use open-source software to expedite research progress; to contribute to open-source software for broader recognition of your own research; and to publicize your own open-source software.
  • Software Vendors: The workshop will help vendors stay abreast of the trends and available resources of open-source software for power grid operation and planning, and identify opportunities for early adoption of high-performance open-source software functions for future market positioning.
  • Consulting Companies: The workshop will facilitate learning and use of open-source software codes for the most cost-effective execution of consulting tasks.
  • Utility Companies: The workshop will provide opportunities to identify potential pilot applications for the best benefit of ratepayers, and to influence the development of open-source software packages to best fit the utilities' own software environments.

Conference Materials

Associated Event

On Tuesday, September 1, the day before the workshop begins, PNNL's Future Power Grid Initiative is sponsoring "Energy Day@PNNL" on the PNNL campus. Workshop participants are welcome and encouraged to attend this one-day event which is focused on FPGI's GridOPTICS™ tool suite and other PNNL grid- and energy-related advances. Also, participants can learn more about collaborating with PNNL and licensing and commercializing PNNL-developed technologies. Presentations, panel discussions, and demonstrations are planned.



Workshop Materials

Workshop materials will be posted as they become available.

Workshop Speakers:

Workshop speakers are still being determined; details will be posted when available.


For additional information please contact:

Zhenyu (Henry) Huang, Workshop Chair
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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