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A new testbed to Power Networking, Equipment, and Technology (powerNET) Testbed


A lot of interest in research, improvements, and testing surrounds the power grid. However, operational environments that have high availability requirements are not conducive to these activities. Specifically,

  • power system equipment is expensive and has a high knowledge barrier
  • researchers from a broader community than just power system engineers require access to bring their expertise to bear on the challenges of the power grid
Therefore, a community resource is needed to enable needed tasks.

A Community Resource

Leveraging the Information Sciences Institute's DETER software, the GridOPTICS™ powerNET testbed has been developed to assist and accelerate research and development for power system technology. The powerNET testbed is

  • multi-user friendly
  • remotely configurable to automatically configure equipment for experimentation
  • designed to be federated with other testbeds to create a larger capability to tackle larger scale problems

Accessible, Efficient and Federatable

PowerNET is designed to reduce the resources required to perform research and development. It

  • enables researchers to develop and test new ideas
  • allows industry to evaluate new equipment
  • helps vendors to test interoperability
  • supports academia to educate with real equipment
The testbed provides a shared resource to reduce the up-front cost for equipment. In addition, the testbed reduces the barrier for non-power system engineers to experiment with power system equipment.

To access PowerNET, please visit the following page and follow the instructions listed.

Project Flyer

GridOPTICS Power Networking, Equipment, and Technology (powerNET) Testbed Flyer


Thomas Edgar ( Thomas.Edgar@pnnl.gov )
David Manz ( David.Manz@pnnl.gov )

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